More than alive

I awoke this morning feeling like life might not be a bad option after all and have gotten progressively better through the day. I blame it on adrenaline.

I leave to pick Jon up from the airport in about 20-30 minutes. His flight is slightly delayed per the website and I’m forcing myself not to get there too early and pace a groove in the tile. It would give my hair and makeup too much time to mess up and I’m a nervous wreck as it is thank you very much. So yes, I’m posting to distract myself from watching the minutes tick away at the clock like a kid asking “Is it time yet?” or obsessively scrubbing the walls or ceiling or the cat or something.

The trip!

TheKid and I left Thursday evening about 7:45 after a minor mishap and delay with the car rental. We had fun cruising down into Missouri laughing at local radio stations and resorting to Celine Dion & Kelly Clarkson cds when there was nothing but static. He gave up around 11 and tried to sleep but Ford Focuses are built for efficiency, not comfort. I gave up around 12:30 after he’d smacked me in the head while stretching approximately twelve times. I stumbled into the next hotel we saw and begged for a room or a closet or hey, even that couch over there in the lobby would work just please oh please let me sleep.

We were up bright and early Friday morning and at my parents’ house by 2:00pm where we proceeded to have a remarkably uneventful weekend visiting with my sisters and getting reacquainted with my 3 year old niece, 2 year old nephew and meeting the newest member, a beautiful 6 week old niece. I might have melted on more than a few occasions when The Baby would gaze up at me sleepily while I was feeding her. Or gazed up at me at all. Or when The Princess would excitedly tell me her latest story. Or the Little Man would gaze longingly at my Sonic cup and say “Pwease !!!!!!!” And then one of them would throw a fit or make a mess and I’d remember oh yes, this is why I’m DONE with kids and gratefully go hug my (mostly) well behaved and self sufficient 11 year old.  We got to visit with cousins at the family reunion that we’ve missed for much too long and reminisced about times past and relatives no longer with us. All in all it was a good weekend.

I left yesterday morning, discovered I was running a fever about 3 hours into the 12 hour trip and proceeded to pray for a mack truck to actually hit me as it would’ve been less pain than what I was already dealing with. A few doses of meds and some gatorade later I decided survival was possible and slipped into the middle of a line of cars making good time. Eleven and half hours after I left, I nearly sobbed with relief at sight of the Indy skyline. A hot shower and a good night’s rest brings us to today.

And now? I think I’ve killed enough time to go change and head down to the airport! I’ll check in later. Well…eventually.


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