21 days

WARNING: I’m talking about The Move. Again. Packing/planning/sorting/cleaning/missing Jon (had to throw that one in) is rather all encompassing at the moment. In about three weeks we will begin a 24 hour road trip in a small car with my essential possessions, a chatty eleven year old boy who’s been away for two months and a neurotic cat. I’m sure that will yield all SORTS of entertaining stories. For you. Not to mention the subsequent attempt to merge three boys, two cats and two hard headed independent adults into a semi-cohesive family unit in what is a completely new environment for three of the seven (counting the cats of course).  It’s going to be all manner of fun and adventure. In the meantime you’re stuck with reading about my packing/planning/cleaning. Or feel free to click that little x up there in the right hand corner. Yep. That one.

I’m a list maker and a planner. I want to have a schedule and know EXACTLY what to do weeks in advance. Moves are fairly controllable situations so my stress level stays manageable. But I do have a packing schedule set in my head. Today I finished cleaning out my bedroom and closet. I have a few more things to post on Craig’s list and a few to repost. Tomorrow I will clean out/sort the two storage closets in the front room and the towel closet. Tuesday I will secure a storage room and will begin moving boxes & such to it during the next week. Next Saturday will be spent sorting my kitchen into three piles “take with”, “Goodwill”, and “storage”. Next Sunday will be trips to the storage unit, Goodwill and cleaning out the bathroom (Do I really need to take 4 different scents of lotion that I’ve only used once apiece?) . That leaves me with almost two full weeks to practice packing the car to maximize how much I can fit and pare down my selections if necessary. Two full weeks to traumatize my cat into submission by driving her around town in her carrier. Two full weeks to visit friends and favorite places and take many pictures of both. Two full weeks to clean and pace and generally chew my fingernails to nubs trying to plan what to do on arrival.

Just kidding.

I don’t chew my fingernails.


  1. I hate packing and anything to do with moving. But it is fun to read about other people doing it and knowing I dont’ have to help..LOL
    You have my favorite flower there. Lantana, and my favorite color before this year. I found a rust color with yellow center and I just love it. Lantana is a little smelly but it is so faithful and so pretty.

  2. We just moved too. But I am not like you and I don’t plan well, I’m not organized at all and I am a mess. Moving will last for month for us and we only went about 20 miles.

    I catch myself talking about it all the time so it’s good to know other people get immersed in that kind of thing too.

    Good luck with everything!!

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