lame part 2

I noticed tonight my ankle is finally swelling some right around the back of it, which would explain why it hurts worse when I flex my foot.  No bruising but propping it up? Bad bad bad. I had it in a chair earlier and the snaps/crackles/pops were quite impressive when I stood up. The cat even looked at me in concern. Probably just concern that I wouldn’t be able to feed her but hey, I’ll take it.

Anyway, point is it’s NOT all in my head.

I’ll have it looked at eventually but that costs money. And time. Both of which I’m in short supply. On a side note I find it interesting that I stopped this morning and filled up the gas tank at $4.03/gallon (and did a happy dance that it was under $4.10 I might add) but this afternoon on the way home, the price at the SAME GAS STATION was $4.15. Now how is that right?

So anyway, I’m not crazy, at least not where my ankle is concerned. Also, I should probably lay off the cap locks. And fragmented sentences.

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