My Kid, My Entertainment

TheKid has been spending the summer with my family. Technically he’s staying with my parents but my sisters are wisking him away to their houses on a fairly regularly basis. The middle sister & her husband gave him an XBox but they told him he had to work for them for 8 hours to pay for it. And they work him hard. The youngest sister has a two year old and a newborn and TheKid loves to help out with them. So my sister gladly lets him.

The other day BabySis started the dreaded “count to three”. TheKid looks at his two year old cousin and warned “You’ve done it now”. He’s also sighed to him “You never learn” after the two year old gets in trouble. But my favorite:

BabySis heard TheKid telling my nephew “no”. She walked in the room just in time to hear him say “Look. There are too many people around here who will catch you. And when they do, they’ll tell Pop*. You just don’t want that” 

I’m still laughing.

*Pop = my father. And the disciplinarian for two generations now. I think our boys are challenging him far more than we ever did.

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