Bank of America customer for life!

I strolled into my last day of work in Indy this morning prepared for a laid back, chitchat filled day. I casually checked my email and found an urgent message from Bank of America informing me that they had detected unusual activity on my checkcard and my account was suspended until they heard from me. I immediately logged into my account to see a charge for the purchase of a plane ticket on an airline I’d never heard of. The charge had also been rejected. I called the toll free number immediately.   I talked to a efficient and friendly fraud alert rep who confirmed the past few weeks worth of transactions with me. The one that tipped them off was the plane ticket. IN BARCELONA. There were also charges to Nap*ster, I*tunes, and a couple of other places. They didn’t let any of those hit my account and promptly deactivated my card so no more charges can be made. I don’t have to go through the hassle of claims & trying to get my money credited back to me. I might have freaked out a bit at the idea that I’m driving across country TOMORROW and have no bank card. But she quickly reassured me. All I have to do is stop in a branch & pick up a temporary card until my new one arrives.

I’ve heard plenty of complaints on BofA in the past, heard the customer service horror stories, etc. But I have to tell you, they earned my loyalty today.


  1. Hey girl- I know you are amidst your drive to your new home…just wanted to wish you well. HOW EXCITING!! I am sooooo happy for you. Please check in and let us know how things are once you get settled. I am so excited for you and this new chapter in your life. You truely sound HAPPY!!

    WOW…B of A sounds amazing. That is great. Yeah..used to bank with them years ago and didn’t care for them, but sounds like they’ve really stepped it up. Hugs to you…safe travels- Dede

  2. Well that is great!

    I myself just swtiched out of B of A today as a matter of fact, lol. Long story short they charged me probably $3000 in fees easily in the past few months for a mistake they made, and after fighting and fighting I just gave up and closed my accoutn with a negative balance of over $900.

    But I’m glad you had a good experience, and I’m glad they were able to save you from a lot more charges!!

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