Sometime this afternoon my body betrayed me and I hit the figuartive brick wall. By the time I left the office my energy levels were non-existent. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the requested rice for dinner and suddenly sympathized with toddlers who’ve missed nap time. The simple act of choosing rice practically reduced me to tears and only the fact that I’m 32, not 2, kept me from sinking to the floor in a meltdown of epic proportions. I vaguely remember driving home and snapping at everyone in my path – none of which deserved it. I I vaguely remember putting dinner together and then leaving the mess – and the boys – with Jon while I showered and then fell into bed while he took ALL THREE boys to the store and then singlehandedly got them showered & into bed. I don’t have clear memories of all this. It could’ve all been a dream except I know I was tucked warmly into bed well before any healthy adult should be and now I see the kids are safely in bed with no strange aromas eminating from their room. Plus there are new toys laying on my desk that I have a very fuzzy memory of being shown earlier.

I am very grateful to Jon for taking such good care of me and the kids. He goes above & beyond reasonable expectations on a daily basis but tonight (last night?) was truly special. I continue to be grateful for him – and honored to be with him. But I think I owe him and the kids a major apology for my mood.

And now that I have the post out of my system, I’m going to curl back into bed near him and enjoy the rest of the night.

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