Oh hi!

I know a big pet peeve among blog visitors is wasting precious time to see a post that says “hi I’m too busy to actually post!”

But I’m not…not really anyway. We stay busy but it’s fun and well worth telling you about. Jon has introduced me to raquetball and I enjoy it even though I get insanely frustrated at my complete lack of athletic ability. I tend to spend more time spinning in circles trying to figure out where the little ball went than I do actually attempting to hit it. Although my sore arm would indicate otherwise. We’ve been two days in a row now and both times finished with a swim.  I might be a little tired by the time we get home. Saturday we spent all day at an air show and an impromptu drive through the mountains. I would share pictures but they’re on my drive at home.  Stay tuned for that recap.

Jess has tagged me on a meme to list 6 quirks – unspectacular at that. However I can’t seem to come up with six quirks, unspectacular or not,  to list! I’m sure Jon could chime in here so maybe we can convince him to write a quick guest post for me, about me. Everyone bat your eyelashes and say “puleeze!”  (um hi honey, HELP and please be nice kthx)

Check back tomorrow for Saturday’s recap and maybe even the meme!


  1. 1. When she eats fries she shakes them, if they’re “floppy”, she eats them, if not, they get left.
    2. Can’t stand the sound of other people brushing their teeth.
    3. Hates when people put their feet near her or get too close to her feet
    4. Rabid football fan, don’t even joke about changing the channel(quirk?)
    5. Always has her camera with her, probably feels naked without it
    6. Lists…lots of lists, for everything

    Dunno if these are what you’re looking for, but thats all I got. 😉

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