Funky no more

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and couldn’t figure out why.  It’s not cold out. TheKid is doing well in school. I’m well taken care of and perhaps a bit spoiled. But I was starting to feel rather lethargic and just….blah. I MIGHT have started becoming a little stubborn about getting out of bed in the mornings and mumbling something along the lines of “I don’t CARE if I’m late, call me in dead.” (At which point Jon turns on the light and lets in the nice cat who, after being locked out of the room all night, wants nothing more than to enthusiastically lick the nearest available face…) (Please note the distinction “the NICE cat”…ie..NOT MINE who only saunters in to see if anyone is going to bother feeding her anytime soon).

Last night we drove out to have dinner & visit with Jon’s extended family. I got to see and love on his mother again. There were conversations and hugs with the aunts I’ve heard so much about.  I had the privilege to hear stories from, and be sung to by his grandfather.  We spent approximately three hours basking in the warmth & laughter & conversation & love of four generations. Three hours of watching cousins and sisters and aunts and granchildren and nieces and nephews reconnect.  And they turned me loose with my camera – actually requesting that many pictures be taken.

I happily obliged.

I was exhausted by the time we got home – but oddly rejuvenated. Looking through the pictures only strengthened that. It occurs to me, I LOVE taking pictures. I love preserving those memories. I love capturing those moments and expressions and relationships that grow more treasured with the passing of time.

I’ve allowed the stress of work to seep into all areas of my life lately. It has been wearing on me -wearing on alot of people – but instead of taking refuge in my passions & hobbies I’ve set them aside. I was almost ready to put away my camera. I’m not a great photographer like her or her or her. But. They weren’t there for this moment.

Or this one.

Aperatures and f-stops and ISOs may never become second nature to me. But in a few years, I don’t think we’ll care.


  1. Thanks for the compliment! I think you ranked me at “great” when you meant “OK” 😉

    Seriously – it is all about capturing the moment regardless of all of the technical stuff. I think you did a perfect job of it.

  2. Miss Rhoni!! I just love that picture of me and my Grampa!! Some of the pic’s you have sent me are unbelievable, very candid shots that most people would over look and you capture them soooo weeLL!!!!!!
    Keep sending me this stuff cuz I love it the most!!
    k thanks bye,
    Your favorite “sister” hahah….
    Super Goddess!

  3. Thank you, I’m humbled.
    But you are completely right. It is about the moment. And the moment is the memory. While I have some spectacular photos of my kid, they don’t hold that moment for me. However there are some nasty ones that hold a special place in my heart because I was there, and there was good.

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