Hey, I’m not perfect! Who knew!

So I had my first review at the new job. It was very educational. At my previous place of employment I had exactly two “reviews”.  The first consisted of one phrase being written on the checklist. “Her direct supervisors think she can walk on water.”  The “review” consisted on the manager expounding upon that phrase. The second was a bit less…over the top. It was simply “no complaints, keep doing what you do”

I should probably take this moment to point out that those “reviews” were the ONLY ones I’d ever had in my career. I was actually told once when there was a concern with higher management and I went to the CEO with a complaint, “Don’t worry, you’re untouchable.”  When I announced my resignation they spent the month leading up to my departure trying to change my mind.

You can see how one might become a bit…arrogant.

So to have an actual review was a little bit of a reality check. They told me what they were happy with, what I was doing well. They told me what they would like to see done differently, what they’d like to see me improve upon. And they told me what they want to see happen in the future. They brought up some good points. They were fair. I took notes…and everything to heart.

But I kinda miss being the golden girl.

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