the inevitable post about posting

I’ve “struggled” off and on lately with the purpose of this blog (and I use the word struggle very loosely – as in it’s randomly crossed my mind occasionally in the past week…). I originally started blogging as a way to document fitness & nutrition habits. At least that was the initial thought. Then I realized what a wonderful outlet it was. And then I discovered weekly “memes” like Wordless Wednesday or Weekly Winners. And I got feedback on my photos! And then people started reading and commenting. And I was hooked.

But since “The Move” I’ve let alot of that fall by the wayside. Gone are the two hours a day spent in the gym. I no longer spend afternoons lounging on my patio with a pen & paper or wandering down a local trail with my camera. I think I’ve taken one picture this week. ONE. Instead of the gym I find myself in the kitchen planning/cooking & cleaning. Instead of the patio I stake out a seat among the roomful of boys or lean against a wall laughing too hard to stand straight.  Instead of taking time to thoughtfully (HA) express my thoughts, activities or opinions here, I discuss them with Jon while we share chores or right before we drift off to sleep. I don’t particularly need an outlet anymore.

As you can see, this isn’t what one would refer to as a negative change…

I DO miss the gym. No. Scratch that. I miss how I feel after a good workout. And I miss my camera. Both of those things are easily re-incorporated back into my lifestyle though so if there’s anyone who still bothers to drop by, expect to see more along the health/fitness front and participation in the photo memes again. I would love to get to the point of updating my photo blog daily again but yeah, not likely.

My goal this weekend is to make it a “photo weekend” of sorts. Do that photo shoot with TheKid that I’ve been putting off (much to his delight). Take a field trip to the zoo or a pumpkin patch/maze or a trail or somewhere. Enjoy my surroundings through the lens again. And my goal for next week is to start rolling out of bed at 5am and into workout clothes.

Wait…we have to give Jon a moment to catch his breath…


Done laughing honey? Can you see the screen again? Okay good.

Yeah. I’m not “naturally” a morning person but once upon a time I WAS up at 4:30 or 5:00 every morning and truthfully, I got much more accomplished that way. Of course I didn’t have a nice warm body to snuggle against and my mattress kinda sucked whereas ours now? Heavenly.

Nevertheless, the point is…um….well I’m sure there WAS a point when I started…

Oh yeah!

Fitness/workouts/nutrition and pictures. Expect them.


  1. Every morning the alarm goes off at 4am…

    Every morning, this poor girl fumbles and moves just enough to turn the alarm off, then passes out again until I wake her up when I get up. I guess I could be proactive and shove her out of bed when her alarm goes off, but I like living too much too do that. Maybe I’ll start getting up with her, not at 4am mind you, thats a little insane, but I could do 5am. =P

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