Reba/Kelly 2 Worlds 2 Voices aka Best Birthday Present EVER

When Jon presented me with my birthday present this summer, he commented that I couldn’t actually use it for about a month and a half. And then he handed me tickets to the Reba McEntire/Kelly Clarkson concert and my head promptly exploded. How he remembered me commenting that I’d wanted to go when they went through Indy and how he picked up on how BADLY I wanted to go I’ll never know. It couldn’t have had anything to do with my repeated whining the day they were in Indy or my girl crush on Kelly or my awe of Reba. Nah…

So tonight was the big night. All week I’d grown increasingly more excited and at the same time, increasingly more…nervous. I wasn’t sure that the actual show could live up to what I’d built it up to be. I didn’t figure it’d be possible in fact.

I was wrong. It exceeded my expectations. The moment their blended voices rang out through the arena I got chills. When Reba sang “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” and she looked straight into the camera to deliver the lines  “And thats one body that’ll be found; You see little sister dont miss when she aims her gun”…my entire body erupted into chillbumps and the place went wild.  They did a duet on Kelly’s “Beautiful Disaster” and tears poured down my face. Kelly did a rendition of “Stuff Like That There” and tore it UP.

The only song I wasn’t thrilled with…one of Kelly’s that they did a duet on and it really wasn’t written for two voices, much less two that are as strong as those two. Plus it was during the encore and the mix was REALLY loud…much too loud for that particular song. Otherwise, the entire set was brillance.

Kelly is great. Her voice fits Reba’s songs especially well but that’s not to say her own songs were lacking. She rocked out “Never Again” and the recorded version will always seem a little bland after hearing it live.

Reba is a performer of the highest standards. When she sang, the entire arena was brimming with whatever emotion she chose to portray. She drew you in and wrapped you up. I don’t know how anyone could watch her perform and not walk away a fan.

I left floating and am still wound up. I love live music but this…this was an experience.

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