Keeping jobs in Boise…and the US

Jon posted the below on his blog today. I’m cross posting as I think it’s very very important.

Keep jobs in America and in Boise!!!

My sister sent this to me today, it’s important enough for me to post it. If you value keeping US jobs in the US and Boise jobs in Boise, please read it, click the link, and leave a comment for the people who can stop 200 jobs from disappearing at MotivePower in Boise, Idaho and being shipped overseas to Spain.
Thanks for your support, Jon Wilkins

Hi All:

As most of you know I work for MotivePower, Inc. here in Boise. For those of you who aren’t sure what exactly it is that we do, we manufacture custom locomotives as well as refurbish and maintain existing locomotives. It is an awesome company to work for! With that said, we are up against a bit of a challenge. Not just we “MotivePower” but we “The United States”. I am asking for all of you to provide some support and take a stand on the issue at hand.

MotivePower has presented Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) with a bid for 28 new MP40 diesel electric locomotives with options for up to a total of 56 locomotives. MotivePower’s proposal complies with all Federal Transit Administration guidelines, specifically Buy America. Buy America is a Federal regulation which requires any purchases made with United States tax dollars be spent in the United States to benefit our economy and put our tax dollars back where they came from. On September 3, MBTA requested a Public Interest Waiver from the FTA to purchase these locomotives from a company in Spain, Vossloh Espana S.A.. Their claim is that the waiver would be “in the public interest.
” If that is not perspicuous enough, sending our tax dollars out of the country is not in the publics’ best interest!!

I am sending you the link where you can leave comments. Please take some time to send MBTA and the FTA the message that our tax dollars are our tax dollars and we want them to stay in the United States. The option to comment is only open for a few days so please make this a priority.
It won’t take long to flood the inboxes of the appropriate parties but it will make a big impression!!

http://www. regulations. gov/search/search_results. jsp?N=0&Ntk=P_DocumentId&Ntx=mode+matchall&Ntt=FTA-2008-0047-0004&sid=11D2656B7E38

Some key points to think about and address:

If this waiver is granted it is highly likely that European companies could result in the loss of US jobs as well as the loss of key technical capabilities within our manufacturing sector.

The MBTA contract asks for “service proven” locomotives.
MotivePower has 100+ service proven locomotives whereas Vossloh has a design, a picture, not a locomotive!

Barbara Boxer, a Senator from California was speaking recently about how the United States has outsourced the majority of technological manufacturing. If we outsource this, it is just one more thing the US will not have the ability to build.

As a single mother of two boys, my job is of the utmost importance! I am extremely fortunate to have a monthly income and grateful that I can provide for my boys. If we allow for things like this to happen to our tax dollars and our jobs without putting forth the minimal effort required in composing a brief statement, luxuries like a job may not continue for many, many people.

Please forward this on to as many people as you can.
Your support is immeasurable!!

Thanks to all,

Joy A. Wilkins
Assistant to the Director, Project Management
MotivePower, Inc.
A Wabtec Company

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