Don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone

Jon is working out of town today. This is rare event for him now, a fact for which I am insanely grateful. Two weeks ago he was gone for two whole days and I walked around feeling like I’d lost a limb. And maybe being a bit mopey. So when he confirmed today’s trip I sighed with relief that it wouldn’t be overnight. This week has flown past crammed with work and elections and wrestling matches so it was with a slight jolt that I realized last night that within hours he would be driving into the mountains. Suddenly his presence next to me was overwhelming and all consuming. I wanted to be as close to him as possible and didn’t want to sleep (thankfully my body was a bit more rational than my conscious mind and knocked my ass out quickly). I spent a little longer hugging and kissing him goodbye this morning.


The roads between home and his destination are clear. The weather is good and he’s an excellent driver. It’s more likely something would happen on the drive downtown during rush hour than on what is probably a sparsely populated highway. I’ve almost been hit three times in the past week just pulling out of our driveway by people deciding that the stop sign is merely a suggestion. (Okay…so “almost hit” is maybe a bit of an exaggeration.) Point is, I KNOW he’s just as safe today as he is any other day…maybe even more so. I won’t see him any less tonight than normal. (And by normal I do NOT mean the schedule for the next couple of weeks with TheKid’s wrestling schedule. Sheesh!) If anything he’ll be home earlier than I will.


I miss him every workday anyway but the distance today has heightened that…logically or not. I’m never fully content until we’re both under the same roof but have started taking too much of our time together for granted. So maybe today was necessary to remind me how good I’ve got it.


But until I can wrap my arms around him and nuzzle into his shoulder, I’m not going to relax.

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