Ay yi yi

I had a visit last night from my old friend Insomnia so I’m running on about 3.5 hours of sleep right now. After spending approximatly 4 hours at The Pursuit this morning, we came home and I proceeded to figure out how to use the bagful of apples that Jon’s Grandma picked up at the orchard for us. They’re quite yummy but I know there’s no way we’ll eat them all before they go bad. The result was an apple crisp (per Jon’s request) that turned out quite yummy and two loaves of apple bread that are in the oven right now. The house smells delicious. Next up is homemade pizza for dinner.

In the midst of all the cooking I  had the opportunity to really consider next week’s schedule and it’s a bit scary. Monday TheKid has a wrestling match after school. I don’t expect to be home until after 6:30 so plan to put a chicken in the crockpot. Tuesday night we have TheBoy & TheLilOne AND I have a PTSA meeting that evening. So…think I’ll make up some meatballs tonight for a quick easy and (mostly) agreeable dinner that night. Wednesday night is another wrestling match followed immediately by Lifegroup and Youth Group at The Pursuit. Dinner? Maybe PB&J in the car (throws up hands in defeat). Thursday is…guess what….ANOTHER wrestling match. Dinner – probably red beans & rice in the crockpot. Friday we have nothing thank goodness. The younger two boys will be here but at that point it will be a pleasure to think of nothing but dinner.

Oh. And on top of that I promised TheKid I’d start taking him to the gym every morning. He thinks this will be fun. Pushing him will be the motivation to get my rear out of bed though…misery loves company.

Busy week ahead and I’m already exhausted. Early bedtime I hope.

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