Happiness Is…

The five year old standing in the kitchen door and saying “I love you”…despite the fact that he tells everyone and you’re cutting pizza, the fact that he’s comfortable enough to tell you (whatever the motivation)is enough.

A decently insulated shelter and relatively warm weather resulting in easily bearable temperatures even though it’s November and the furnace is out.

Cats on catnip.

Telling everyone to lay down and enjoying the quiet of naptime.

Planning menus for the next week or so and grocery shopping because your family will be well fed.

A completely peaceful and happy dinner.

11, 10 and 5 year old boys all individually saying “Thank you for dinner” sincerely…and maybe even unprompted (though that’s still open for debate…)

Hot chocolate and family movie time.

Tickle matches.

The fact that our kids are accustomed to hearing us laugh and play.

Getting to sit back and just watch expressions on the face of the man you love.

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