la dee da

After hearing about these love languages mentioned several times, I finally got around to checking them out. After reading a brief description here, I confirmed what I thought mine were with this quiz. My results are below:

Score Love Language
6 Words of Affirmation
8 Quality Time
2 Receiving of Gifts
2 Acts of Service
12 Physical Touch

I told Jon what I was doing. His response – “What are they? I can tell you what yours are without that quiz.”  I read him the five categories and hadn’t finished saying the final one when he said “Physical touch and quality time.” So matter of factly. You’d think he KNOWS me or something.

Strangely reassuring actually.

He hasn’t taken the quiz and I doubt he does but I’d say he was “quality time” primarily.

I defininitely do crave the quality time. I love that we take mini dates on a regular basis and make time to spend just the two of us every week. But I still feel a pang when he logs off chat. It’s not that he doesn’t want to chat but is on his way to work and yet I feel a twinge of dissappoinment.

Have I mentoned I’m a wee bit hormonal and emotional and have been for, oh, just over a week? The tears have flowed freely and abundantly and totally ruined my last pair of contacts. (It’s also possible I’ve a bit a mite clingy with perhaps an occasional bout of irritability and/or irrationality.)  I could completely relate to the five year old this weekend as he’d go from bouncing in circles while laughing to collapsing on the floor while wailing all because we had the audacity to say something as heinous as “wash your hands” or “don’t climb the christmas tree” or my favorite torture to use on him…”it’s time to eat”. The dramatic flailing of arms while proclaiming loudly “I HAAAATE IT!” was the source of much amusement and a touch of envy because what woman doesn’t want to stomp around the house at least once a month and just proclaim that sentiment loudly and dramatically.


  1. So, I hope you don’t mind that Jon sent me the link to your blog, but I’ve now read a few of the past ones, and I have to say: I AGREE! Can we start stomping around once a month proclaiming, “I HAAAAAAAAAATE IT!!!”? That would be nice.

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