Time Flies

I have no idea what happened to this past week. Or month. Or year for that matter. What do you mean we’re halfway through December? Christmas is next week?!? Surely you jest!

In the past the holidays brought out some rather irritaing traits about me…namely those of the list making, obsessive ilk. By now presents would be bought, wrapped and under the tree. The house would be decorated. Goodie baskets would be planned, if not completed, and cards would have been sent.  This year has been much more laid back. The tree is decorated. I’ve ordered one gift. Christmas is next week but I’m completely confident everything will get done that absolutly has to be done. A few meaningful presents will be procured thanks to a completely unexpected bonus at work. (God might provide for our needs but sometimes he surprises us with a little extra.)   I have a general idea what I’m making for goodie baskets and am looking forward to a marathon baking session this weekend. Cards…well…don’t expect one from me this year.

It’s been a great year and this holiday season continues the trend. Instead of rushing around trying to make it what it should be, I’m just enjoying it for what it is. I enjoy buying gifts but am not going overboard just to fill the space under the tree. I enjoy cooking and baking so will spend time in the kitchen (with at least one boy hovering nearby and talking non-stop). I will turn on carols and dance silly around the living room and soak up the time with family. And next year maybe I’ll be more organized.

Or maybe not.

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