I’m Dreaming…

I grew up in south Arkansas where we had one major snow storm that I recall as a child and more ice storms than I’d like to remember. Living in Indianapolis through three winters somewhat conditioned me to the white stuff. I learned how to drive in it (or at least to not immediately descend into a panic attack at the first sight of flakes) and though it was beautiful, that was not enough to balance out the abject misery created by the accompaning gray skies & bitterly painful cold temperatures of the season.

Imagine my surprise to learn that it’s possible to have snow on the ground and sunshine*…for multiple days at a time. And the cold? It doesn’t HAVE to be bitter and painful. Turns out that whole low humidity thing makes heat AND cold less extreme! (Or is that high humidity makes them more extreme? Or does it even matter? No, no it doesn’t.)

I might actually enjoy this winter. Or at least not hate it.  So far it’s been great. I love having the snow on the ground and I’m looking forward to a white Christmas.




I don’t think that will be a problem.


*Sunshine not evidenced in the picture due to heavy snow falling. There’s plenty today…sunshine that is. Snow too.

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