The Proposal

Jon told me when he got my ring (a LONG time ago. Like forever. Like almost an ENTIRE MONTH). He wanted to make sure it fit but he wouldn’t let me look at it long.  Or keep it. He said he wanted to OFFICIALLY propose. And he wanted it to be special.  My response –

“Drop to one knee. That’s special enough and it’ll be official. The ring is SHINEY and PRETTY and PLEASE LEMMIE KEEP IT PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE……”

He’s oddly immune to my whining.

So it was closed away and he made me promise not to peek anymore. I didn’t. I was calm and patient. Most of the time.

Wednesday he was taking presents and such to his grandma’s when my mother calls me about phone calls from a number in my area code that she didn’t recognize.


Jon had been trying to call my dad but Mother refused to answer. It was all straightened out but then I was a giddy mess.  The fact that he would call and officially talk to my father meant more to me than I can possibly describe.  It showed such respect for the relationship with my family. It was such a gesture of sincerity and earnestness and a desire that this…this relationship…is lifelong. That blessing from my father wasn’t required but the fact that it was requested and granted, the fact that our families are so involved and supportive…it gives weight to the proceedings. It is an extra bit of support, an extra tie to bind us closer.

So he talked to my dad. Then Dad called me and told me he was impressed and proud. And I knew something would happen sooner than later. Or I hoped anyway.

We went on with our day and did the whole Christmas Eve service, family dinner etc. The kids were happily playing with their new gifts and the adults were chatting when Jon walked in from the kitchen. He then proceeded to announce to everyone – his sister, his dad, his grandma, our boys etc – that he had one more gift to give and asked me to stand up. I KNEW it was coming and I still got lightheaded and tunnel vision. He then asked me to be his wife.

I have no idea what I said. It was an affirmative answer but I have no idea the exact words. I do remember telling him later we needed to meet some new people so he could introduce me as his fiancee’.  Oh and I shook for about an hour. I still just sit and watch the light sparkle off the ring.

We’re looking at early May…hopefully May 2nd. We still have to settle the location issue. And then get invitations done and sent. And then…yanno May is like…four months away. Excuse me while I go breathe in a paper bag…

Okay. So.  For the next four months you’ll probably mostly hear about wedding induced neuroses. Just a fair warning.


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