It’s My Life

There’s something about the new year that inspires excitement and grand plans as well as reflection and quiet introspection. Jon even followed suit yesterday with a year end post that made me tear up a bit, smile a lot and motivated me to go back and re-read other writings from the past eight months.


Eight months.

It is a lifetime wrapped into a mind blowing brief amount of time that leaves me simultaneously thinking “Wow has it only been eight months?” while feeling as if this stage of our life has been forever. Some days everything that came before is hazy and insubstantial, a dream of a dream that magically transported me into this fairy tale that is my life. Other days it’s easy to remember the people and situations that shaped me into the woman who now has the privilege of being Jon’s fiancée and soon to be wife. It’s amazing to look back with the 20/20 vision of hindsight and see how everything, even the most difficult of times, were woven together to bring me to this point. It’s incredible the intricacy of details that went into bringing us together. It’s amazing how carefully we were guided even in the most seemingly minor of decisions and I am beyond relieved that God had it all so firmly in hand.

Our life together so far has been straight out of a movie with the improbabilities and coincidences and craziness. Boy and girl live 1800 miles apart but end up playing with the same group of people (out of MILLIONS) in an online game. Through chats NOT with each other, they end up working together to pull off a common goal one evening (in game) that no one really expected to be done. They develop a comfort zone with each other and start talking a bit. They bond further over funny and sometimes eerie coincidences. Life twists and turns and they develop an out of game friendship. They cram as much communication time as humanly possible into a couple of months and fall in love. Boy flies out to meet girl for the first time face to face. They find that neither is a troll and they actually get along better in real life. A month later, essentially three months from when they met, he returns to pack her car and drive her (and her kid) across country to live with him (and his kids). The trip goes smoothly. Said kids get along just fine and merge fluidly into a family unit. They start building a life together, he proposes and a year from the genesis of this improbable relationship they are married. Cue sappy music, fade to black.

Seriously, who actually experiences something like that? Oh, wait, us. I look back over it all and still shake my head in awe. We’re sitting on a movie script here. But while I’m sure there will be at least some sappy music, there is no ending in sight, happy or otherwise. I get to watch our boys bond and help guide them as they grow into young men and form relationships. I actually get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man who goes above and beyond to take care of us and sacrifices for our comfort. I looked around this morning and was once again overwhelmed that this is actually my life. Overwhelmed and grateful.

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