some call it self-improvement

I told Jon on Thursday that I wanted to give up caffeine. What I REALLY meant was I wanted to give up sugary, calorie laden drinks but I said caffeine and he says the time has passed for specifics. Of course THIS is the time he decides to take me at my word, decide I’m serious and HOLD ME TO IT. The week I taught Sunday School for the first time and we’re having company for dinner one weekend and the next? A PARTY.  AT OUR HOUSE. Which I initiated and am excited about but now? Now is not a good time to quit the caffeine completley.

I tried to reason with him Saturday morning. Tried to explain what I meant…say green tea would be okay or diet dr pepper or maybe just a bit of coffee. I even laid out my logical, perfectly reasonable list of why this was a bad time to go cold turkey. I even explained how that often stimulants acts as sedatives for ADHD people and there’s strong evidence I’m at least MILDLY ADHD but nooo…he rejected that logic and started trying to give me reasons why I should stick with it since I’d already managed to go 24 hours and….I don’t know. Something about not putting it back in my system and healthier and….a few minutes in he started sounding like an adult on Charlie Brown and I started contemplating how quickly I could get to my car keys and into my car. Then I realized the acrobatic act it takes to get into my car right now and wondering if I could possibly get to HIS keys and into HIS car before he stopped me and decided that yes, I probably could. But then he could have me picked up for grand theft and leave me sitting in a holding cell until I was past the caffeine dt’s…although it occurs to me NOW that they probably would’ve given me the option of coffee with breakfast or something.

I made it through Saturday with a several large doses of aspirin, a few bouts of whining, a couple of tears and um, one kicked door.  Sunday was moderately better – probaby because I took a three hour nap even though the post nap aches & stiffness made me seriously regret ever regaining consciousness.

Today – a mild headache, a stiff neck & shoulders and a bit of grouchiness…nothing too major. But I’ve remained caffeine free – for well over 72 hours now. At this rate I should be past any homicidal tendencies by party time.

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