Groundhog Day

Well the little rodent’s handlers saw his shadow today. It’s sad really. They pull him from his comfy little box and thrust him into the cold winter air in front of a huge crowd. Talk about a rude awakening. And then to add insult to injury it’s HIS half awake confused rear that gets blamed if winter carries on a bit longer than preferred.

I’m a little befuddled that this tradition has gone from elementary school distraction to such mainstream popularity. Someone feel free to explain to me how this hoopla ties in with the recognition of Mary’s ritual purification? The current cartoonish carrying-ons bear little resemblance to even the simple recognition of winter’s midpoint & promise of spring — meanings of the day that I can well relate with. I blame Bill Murray.

There seems to be a trend around the internets sparked by that ubiquitous movie to reflect on what day one would like to go back and “do over”.  I’ve mulled that question over all day and finally come to my answer.


See my original thought process was to figure out what I’d want to go back and change – hindsight being 20/20 and all. And I had to decided there was nothing. I’ve personally seen how the most minor of incidents or decisions can majorly affect our lives.  So then I start reviewing the most perfect days in my life. But the truth is, although there have been amazing moments, I wouldn’t want to re-live them. They’re treasured memories and I don’t think those times would be enhanced by a second attempt. Part of the joy of life is the unknown, the immersion into those perfect moments to the exclusion of all else. Somehow knowing the outcome would cheapen the experience. Besides, I’m rather looking forward to what’s in store for me next.

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