My own personal blissdom

Tonight was one of those wonderfully transcendent evenings that makes one sigh in contentment. Jon took the boys for haircuts after work so there was ample time to change in peace and start dinner. They arrived home a little bit later full of laughter and chatter about their day. Jon reported that TheLilOne not only sat through his haircut without throwing a fit (for the first time EVER), he also talked to the barber. He talked…to someone he didn’t know…a lot. His pre-school teacher even commented he’d been in a good mood lately – seemingly minor events perhaps but fairly major in our world. We were able to open the doors, filling the house with fresh fragrant air and sunlight. I cheerfully cooked dinner while the older two boys kicked back on the couch with books. Dinnertime commenced with nary a whine. The table was surrounded by smiling faces and jokes flew back and forth between bites. There are dishes to be washed, laundry to be put up, and writing to be done…all of which have been delayed by three boys happily demanding my attention. I’ve been glad to comply. And all that can wait a little longer…they’re requesting my presence for an impromptu family movie night. Nights like this can be categorized as pure bliss and make this parenting gig seem easy.

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