Everything Changes

Those who visit here and are part of my church will see the irony in this title. Those who aren’t…well let me fill you in.  For the past few weeks, the refrain around The Pursuit has been “everything changes March 1”. We’re moving around service times, trying a new format (two morning services, two evening services). There’s several very good reasons behind this move but that’s not the point here. (If you’re in Boise you should totally check out The Pursuit though…great place)

Let’s throw in another bit of “irony”. Paul spoke yesterday on Colossian 3: 15-16. And he really focused on “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart”. He encouraged us that we have the security of Christ and so do not have to be concerned with worldly issues. This economy, our jobs, our finances….they’re all in God’s hands. That’s not to say we can bum around, throw money out the window and shrug “Oh God will take care of it!”.  No, He expects us to be responsible and prudent with the gifts He’s given us from our talents to our income. But that means that when we’re blindsided by life, there’s no reason to panic.

This morning I took the responsible step and emailed the derby coach. I explained that for now, the expense of derby wasn’t in our budget. Despite Jon’s repeated reassurances and encouragement, I never felt comfortable adding that expense to our household.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to that little voice.

I have been known in the recent past to lament that I wished I could be a stay at home mom. I have daydreamed about working part-time and having extra time for freelance writing & cooking & baking etc. I even wrote a post on it although I’m not going to go back now and find the link.  But I didn’t feel that move was in the best interest of the family.

Do you see where this is going? Has it been obvious enough?

My manager called me into his office today.  Bottom line, they can’t afford to keep me on full time but they don’t want to just lay me off either. So, for now, they’re cutting me to part-time. I’ll work Wed – Friday at an hourly rate that is slightly less than my salaried rate would’ve translated into. So…cut hours, cut pay. I wasn’t really surprised. Business hasn’t been good. There have been a few too many closed door meetings.  Honestly the only thing that surprises me is that they’re keeping me on at all. The boss’s wife works part-time right now. She could pick up the slack and eliminate the expense of me altogether.  But they don’t want to let me go. They’re hoping things turn around in a few months and they can give me back full time status.

I am amazingly calm.  I think I was actually…relieved. I haven’t been 100% happy here but I’ve held onto “but at least I have a job”  I KNOW there’s a reason for this. I can’t imagine what it possibly could be but I know God has a plan. I heard on the radio one day that sometimes when we have the proverbial rug jerked out from under us, God is simply using the circumstances to guide & motivate us to where we need to be. (That’s massively paraphrased) It’s easy to cling to security but how many people have truly lived in His will while strapped to their self-made lifeline?

I don’t know what’s going to happen or where this is taking us. But I’m resting assured that we’ll be okay.

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  1. I have to say that you have a wonderful attitude about the whole thing! I am sorry that you got cut in hours and pay 😦 I will definitely keep you in my thoughts that everything turns out for the best!!

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