Everything changes part 2

With the job news I (and Jon) have started considering ways to ease the shock of a smaller income. I’ve looked at all the typical ways – coupons, bike riding. Jon and I have discussed dropping the gym membership and combining cell phone accounts. I’ve also considered some other steps to take that would not only reduce our expenses but also reduce our environmental impact…changes that I’ve casually considered in the past but was too lazy to carry out. Nothing like the lack of money to turn one green. I’ll discuss these more in depth in future postings. Right now there are few things I’m REALLY looking forward to about this whole part time gig.

1.  Writing – a past-time I’ve enjoyed since middle school with a teacher’s encouragement but over the years I’ve developed quite a repretoire of excuses why I wasn’t producing anything.  Recently I’ve submitted a few freelance articles to Associated Content with the intention of building a portfolio and hopefully pulling in a little extra coinage. Now suddenly I have time (and the motivation) to truly devote to this endeavor. Today I had an article featured on the front page ever so briefly (“A Parental View of Rachael Ramonas Party”)  Of the seven I’ve submitted this is one that ranks pretty high on the “Hey I don’t hate this!” list.

2.  Photography – I’ve mentioned it quite often around here. When I get overwhelmed or simply busy or something shiney catches my eye, photography seems to be the first thing to go. Even if I do get a few shots during the week, they languish in my camera past the point of interest. I plan to schedule some of this “free” time to reacquaint myself with my camera.

3.  Playing with recipes – I can’t wait to spend time cooking and baking instead of being on a timer to get sustenance down gullets before a meltdown occurs. Obviously I’ll only have two (week)days for this leisurely culinary experience but that also gives me time to prep for the rest of the week.

On top of all this there are projects at home I want to tackle – organizing the laundry room, deep cleaning the second bath/cats’ litter box room, pulling articles out of the mountain of magazines & recycling them – all things I’ve been putting off for far too long. I have a feeling my days “off” will be more busy than when I’m actually “at work”. I’ll definitely enjoy the time though!

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