Three Days, Five Days

I haven’t worked on a Monday in several months and usually don’t work Tuesdays but this week is different so here I am, stuck in an office on a Monday with not enough to do and an almost smothering sense of anticipation. I’m hyper, jittery. I catch myself bouncing in my chair, chomping on my gum a little too hard, tapping my foot. There’s not much left to do, not much that can be done until the end of the week. I’m still finalizing reception music but that’s something that is done at home instead of pushing the stumble button repeatedly. I still don’t have my hair accessories or smudge proof lipstick but those are items to be picked out with my sisters in tow, giggling over how absurd that bright pink would look on me and discussing exactly how how many bobby pins will be needed to pull off that hairstyle. And that’s why I’m antsy. Three days from now we’ll be picking my parents and sisters up from the airport. They’ll be exhausted but they’ll be here, in a hotel approximately 1800 yards from our house, not 1800 miles. Part of me knows I should cherish the calm and quiet of these next couple of days because Thursday post-nap, the whirlwind will begin. The crazy, adrenaline, giggle fueled whirlwind of introductions and catching up, sight seeing and preparations, a whirlwind that culminates in a wedding and mini honeymoon. But mostly I’m of the opinon that calm and quiet is over-rated anyway – bring on the craziness.

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