Wedding synopsis

I’m typing this with my left hand a little heavier and my heart a little lighter. After five months of seemingly non-stop planning, we’re finally Mr. and Mrs. The day was wonderful, the ceremony beautiful. Our only hiccup of the day was realizing that we’d let our pastor leave without signing the marriage license. He lives about two hours away and by the time we remembered and called him, he was halfway home. Oops. He turned around and met us at my family’s hotel to complete it and have my father and middle sister witness it.

Really there’s so much to tell. It was such an overwhelming blur of a day that I don’t even know where to start…so here’s a list of highlights.

  • Before everyone got there and I got dressed, I was standing in the lobby talking to Jon’s grandfather – who is the CUTEST and sweetest little old man you’ll ever meet. I was unconsciously spinning the ceremony music CD around on my finger when he reached over, stopped it and said with a grin “You need to relax. It’ll be fine.”
  • The friends back in the dressing room with me: Heather who coordinated everything ceremony related, Noel & her sister who brought my sisters Dr. Peppers and kept us calm by talking to us, Amanda who got me into my slip & dress and basically took care of me all day, my sisters who tied on my sash, put my shoes on for me and kept me giggling
  • Finding out that the boys escorted the grandmothers without issue…especially the five year old
  • Hearing the music start and feeling my heart jump into my throat
  • My dad holding up my dress so I wouldn’t trip on it walking down the aisle
  • Seeing Jon standing at the front in his tux, grinning…he looked SO good
  • Marty (our pastor’s) speech on how the day was not about love and poetry but the commitment we were making to each other.
  • Jon trying to surreptitiously tickle me when we turned to face each other
  • When our pastor asked for the rings, the best man just stuck out his index finger where he was wearing my ring around the first knuckle. It made me giggle.
  • The expressions on Jon’s face…serious and smiling…happy and content…
  • Our vows were beautiful. I teared up a little but my favorite part was when he put my ring on and I got to slide his on…gave me chills.
  • The boys lighting the unity candle. They looked so handsome and did so well. We used Sheri Millers “Right Here Right Now” as the music.
  • Our first kiss as husband and wife
  • My friend Camille telling me that it was the only wedding she’d ever cried at
  • Numerous people commenting on Grandma’s cookies – she’s 92 but made approximately 500 cookies for our reception and they were a HUGE hit.
  • Finding out the sound guy had recorded the ceremony for us
  • Hearing that when I turned to go to the unity candle and my sister couldn’t reach half of my train, the best man stopped forward and helped her straighten it.
  • We did a “comment box” instead of a guest book and some of the notes were awesome. Jon’s grandfather wrote us a poem. πŸ™‚
  • One of the church staff was working in the office during our reception so she snuck in to see us. I absolutely adore her so seeing her slip through the crowd thrilled me.
  • Our Lifegroup set up the reception and then cleaned up afterward. I never lifted a finger and am eternally grateful.

The entire day was great. Seeing the ring on Jon’s hand gives me such a sense of…completion. I giggle everytime he calls me his wife and when a bank teller yesterday called me Mrs., I grinned for half an hour. We don’t have pictures yet but I will certainly share them as soon as we do!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wooohooooooooo! I’m SO happy for you πŸ™‚

    We want pictures… hurry up with those!! Really, I’m so thrilled for you… you must be positively beaming! Congratulations again, and I wish many many many happy years for you and Jon.

  2. Hey Hey Hey ….. you got married!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I haven’t stopped by in a while but after you left me a comment this morning, I came over to see what I’ve missed ….. and wow, it’s a lot. Congrats!!!

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