Hellllloooo (lo lo lo lo)

Wow. Can you believe it’s been almost a month since the wedding? Jon has mentioned the dormant blog a few times and I’ve almost sat down to write only to have my attention pulled away. I honestly don’t know where the time went. Let’s see, since the wedding we have:

  • Had my name legally changed
  • Merged our finances (almost done with this process…)
  • Contemplated me staying home full time (& decided to hold off)
  • Began an early morning fitness routine (& stuck with it)
  • Changed my work schedule to Mon – Wed instead of Wed – Fri which REALLY messed me up for a week
  • Celebrated all 3 boys’ birthdays. Twice.
  • “explored” around town – the old ID Penitentiary & a state park (with a swim beach YAY)
  • Attended TheKid’s final band concert for the year
  • Dealt with quite a bit of drama amongst TheKid’s middle school crowd
  • Spent Memorial Day with good friends
  • Had a good friend over to grill out
  • Made reservations for Jon to fly back to Indy in June & move the rest of my stuff out here

Those are the highlights. This week we have something going on every night. EVERY  night. And it’s all fun times spent with friends so that’s definitely not a complaint. It just leaves precious little time for writing. I’ve spent my leisure time lately (and there has been enough, trust me) with my nose buried in a book. I FINALLY finished “Creative Counterpart” (excellent btw) and of course am in the middle of another with a couple on my nightstand and two more on order. Summer is well upon us and I plan to spend many hours basking outside with a book. I fully intend to take at least half of one of my days off each week and take the boy(s) to the swimming area to lounge and play. I can’t immerse myself in a book with the younger two near the water but the point is we WILL be near the water and under the sun and that? That just thrills me.


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