I miss my husband

I don’t want to be whiney. I know there are couples who deal with this travel thing week in and week out. Not to mention that while I’m sitting comfortably in our home, getting ready to sleep comfortably in our bed, Jon is sitting in a cheap hotel somewhere in Nebraska. And while I played all day, he drove seemingly endless miles…all to bring MY stuff back to me. Not because he had to or was obligated to but because eventually he wanted me to have my stuff and he’s kinda awesome like that.


I was okay today. TheKid and I played. We stayed busy.


We also took food to friends with a new baby, laughed at Jon’s cat being ultra pathetic and went to a women’s group meeting (TheKid got to hang out with a friend).

But now I’m home and it’s dark. It’s almost bedtime. And now the emptiness in the chair behind me seems to echo through the house. He’ll be home tomorrow sometime. I can’t wait.

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