GPS Improvements

While navigating Idaho backroads this weekend, Jon brought up an interesting point: “You know how men have been complaining for generations about their wives/girlfriends/etc backseat driving…and then we go and start using an electronic device that tells us exactly where to go – in a female voice.”  He’s close, but there’s so much MORE that could be done. The GPS needs more emotion. For example – we took several routes that were not originally suggested by Delly. (Our friend (who kept TheKid) calls her GPS unit Betty. Ours is a Delphi and I tried to refer to it as “Delly” but Jon wasn’t amused.  But this is my blog so Delly it is.) She repeatedly instructed us to turn around in her calm collected voice. Some frustration would be nice. “Did you NOT hear me? Take the next left. Just ahead. NOW. Okay, next one then…NOW. (sigh) It’s okay, there’s another left coming up. Please turn left…NOW. (huff) Fine. We’ll try it YOUR way for awhile. Recalculating route…”  We also took a few back roads…if you could call them that. They were more like poorly paved mountain bike trails. There wasn’t even a full two lanes, no guard rails and a death drop over the outside edge. Delly found the roads but warning would’ve been nice. “Do you REALLY want to go that way? Seriously?  Good luck, you fools.”  There’s all sorts of options out there that could seriously increase the entertainment value of these little gadgets.  Jon even suggested Delly should play  The Map Song from Dora the Explorer while booting up.


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