It’s amazing how a simple comment can make you realize just how truly special a friend is; how one minor statement can suddenly make you grateful for the fabulous people in your life.  Not everyone is going to get along or like each other. That’s the nature of different personalities, experiences and just human nature in general. Unfortunatly that divergence of personalities sometimes festers until venom is spewed. It’s important to remember that’s rarely a result of that disconnect but a symptom of a personal issue within the source.  Still – when that level of posion is aimed in your general direction twice within a week, it’s reassuring to be able to reach out to the connections around you.  The comfort doesn’t come from being personally bolstered but a simple recognition that there is an abudance of light and happiness and yes, even sanity, that flows from remarkable people. I am surrounded by a network of friends who are mind-blowingly incredible and sometimes that just needs to be recognized. 

But sometimes, one truly reaches out and touches you – and to her today I say thank you. I loved you before for who you’ve been to mutual loved ones and the awesome core person I saw. I love you even more today for who you are to me.

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