Jon and I have a pretty good system worked out for chores. If it involves the lawn, electronics or anything that requires a tool it’s automatically his responsibility. I do most of the cooking (and I ENJOY cooking) and I do most of the housecleaning because I’m home more. (And by “do most of the housecleaning” I mean I delegate to one of the kids. Building character and all that jazz, right?)  The day to day stuff – laundry and dishes – we often split.

This past weekend Jon peeked at the huge load of laundry waiting to put away, compared that to the few dishes sitting on the counter and oh so graciously offered to take care of the dishes while I did the laundry.  He was so cute and animated that I couldn’t help but laugh. Besides, I REALLY hate doing dishes. However – Monday I had been cooking quite a bit and there were a substantial amount of dishes – some of which were greasy – sitting in the sink. So I casually asked “You do dishes and I’ll do laundry?”  He enthusiastically agreed.

I just forgot to mention there was only about half a load of laundry.

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