Hole in my pocket

I was given a bit of money for my birthday and promptly deposited it into our savings account. Not because I intended to SAVE it mind you. Not at all. I just wanted it safely segregated while I pondered my spending options. 

My first impulse was to get a pair of skates. I really REALLY want some. I could skate near the house. I could practice derby skills in my own driveway. There’s a derby practice rink at a local skatepark. I would love to skate down the Greenbelt. But we’re staring summer’s end right in the face. I don’t LIKE it but there’s only a couple of months left of outside skating weather. And as much as I WANT to make a real attempt at derby, that will have to be next year sometime (at the earliest) and that’s if I can figure out how to juggle the schedule/time commitment.

 My second thought was to replace my punching bag. Again – it’s something I’d like to have. But. When I had one in Indy I only used it occasionally. TheKid loved it but my personal frequency of use – not enough to justify purchasing one. Besides, I don’t think we have room in the garage for it right now!

 There’s a plethora of books I could order (but there’s always the library). I’ve been eyeing bodyfat calipers (but I’m not REALLY to a point where I HAVE to have them). I considered getting my hair cut & colored (but then I’d have to spend money regularly to maintain it). Jon mentioned the nose stud I’ve been wanting but I’m having second thoughts because of my sinus issues and I’m concerned about my boss’s reaction (and future job opportunities although small tasteful studs are fairly common now). He also mentioned the new tattoo I want but I’m holding that in reserve until I meet some personal goals.

Then there are the credit card balances. It’s not enough to make a huge dent but every bit helps. And the kids still need school supplies. So even though I keep finding myself browsing skates, I’ll be leaving the money right where it is for a few more days. It seems so…frivolous…when there are more important things at stake. Besides, I’m not going to miss what I don’t have.

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  1. Find a gay boy and go shopping. That’s what I had to do with my birthday money last year. There were so many PRACTICAL and NEEDED items I COULD/SHOULD have bought. But, my parents sent it to get something I WANTED. So I found my token gay friend and we went clothes shopping. I regretted the expense for a few days and now I don’t. It’s probably one of my most grown up/professional skirts I own and I just adore it. 🙂

    Get the skates. You deserve them. And it’s Idaho. We have Indian summers all the time. You could easily be skating outside into November. With a jacket. (possibly December.)

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