So. You Think You Can Dance?

Monday night the two older boys came in talking about how they were working on this skateboarding trick where they drop the board and jump onto it. One could do it on concrete while moving. (Four more days and we have insurance. We just have to make it four more days…) The other announced he could do it in the grass where the board wouldn’t fly out from under him. Jon said “Well I could do that. Even your mother could do that, couldn’t you honey?”  I’m sorry but does he not remember who he married?  “Nope. Don’t think I could.”  Incredulously he replied “You couldn’t jump onto a still skateboard that was in the grass?!?!”  “WITHOUT falling off and breaking something?” I clarified. “Yeah…not happening.”

We just had a new faucet installed on our kitchen sink. The handle on the sprayer doohickey is different now so while washing dishes Wednesday night I managed to fully spray myself while trying to rinse a dish. And I do mean fully.  Right in the face, hair & shirt soaked. Jon came to see why I was giggling and after he regained his composure he waxed poetically “Honey I love you…your grace…your complete lack of clumsiness…”

So. My answer would be no. Not at all. But I’d have fun trying.

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