100 Words – Wrong

Velvet Verbosity is back (YAY!) so I’m jumping right back into the challenge.


“The seamstress took up Sarah’s dress too much. It won’t zip all the way.” screeched her mother’s frantic voice from across the room. 

 “She has a wrap Mother. No one will notice.”

 She rolled her eyes and tuned out the voice as her “momzilla” launched into a litany of everything she perceived as wrong.  She barely noticed when the coordinator suppressed a sigh and guided her, still fussing, out of the room.

 The bride stood quietly and peeked out the window where she could see her groom waiting at the end of the aisle. “Actually,” she smiled, “everything is perfect.”


  1. Good to know this wasn’t a true story…well except for the “everything is perfect” part. My mother was a rock during my wedding even though she more or less coordinated everything. I was blessed.

    Glad to be back, and to have you back in the challenge! 🙂

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