I found another writing challenge to participate in….bi-monthly prompts/themes and short story format. (I’m not giving up the 100 Word Challenge…this is just an additional format to play with) At first glance, the current theme is not condusive to a very upbeat narrative but then again I’m sure some people can turn a positive spin on anything. I am not one of those people.

There are times when writing strips away my outer layers, when brainstorming lays bare my basest desires and fears.  I don’t know if every person who has ever put words to a page has experienced this but it was especially apparent to me today. I think anytime I create character or situation, it is in some an extension of some aspect within me…whether there’s a talent I long for or a trait that I want to purge. Sometimes it’s obvious and easy and I know exactly what I want and where it’s going. Others it’s a process of discovery, a realization of another facet. This evening was an odd combination. Two different ideas for one theme, both bearing the same base issue, both came to me in their entirety almost flowing effortlessly, both highlighting what is apparently my worst nightmare.

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