All good!

There are quite a few things I wanted to update you on/squee over/mention…most of which are in no logical way related except that they happen in my life or are thoughts that skitter through my brain. So in order to save you from awkward seques, let’s just utilize bullet points today. (Besides I have HALF AN HOUR before I have to leave to pick up the boys. In other words, there’s no time to edit this post into a thoughtful, humerous piece. Not that any of posts ever are. Anyway…times awasting…)

  • Thanksgiving was good. Great even. We spent Thursday at Jon’s (paternal) granndmother’s with his sister, nephews & dad. It was low key and enjoyable. We even got some family photos that I didn’t hate! Grandma is 93 but she did all the cooking. Kinda amazing huh. Friday we drove about an hour and a half to visit the other side of his family – a trip I all but begged to make. Not that I really had to twist his arm at ALL. I  adore his grandfather. He is the cutest little old man EVER.  And I get absolutely lost in conversation with his aunts & mother. Bonus – I finally got to meet Jon’s cousin and his wife…and their brand new baby. Which was of course the highlight of everyone’s day.
  • Jon finally got the referral to an allergist and things moved quickly from there. Turns out that he’s probably not having a reaction to anything external. On one hand, WHEW! On the other hand, WTH?!!? From what we know right now, there’s really not much that can be done other than manage it with meds until it goes away…and it can last anywhere from 10 weeks to 10 years. The good news here is over the counter, generic allergy meds work just as well as the $50 prescription. Also, the allergist reassured Jon (and therefore me) that there was virtually no chance he would go into shock and die on me. That means I don’t get to threaten to stab him in the leg with an epi-pen though. Oh well. Sacrifices yanno.
  • I realized (again) last night that my most hated chore isn’t laundry or dishes or even cleaning the bathroom. It’s making the boys lunches. I have no idea why since it takes all of five minutes to do. I would gladly PAY someone to do it. Except if I did that we might as well pay for them to eat at the school…which is basically the same thing…and the whole reason I’m making lunches is to save money so yeah.
  • It’s December!!!! Gah! And Squee! Did it sneak up on anyone else? Seriously. Part of me is really excited. I’ve organized my baking plan and card list. I’ve brainstormed gifts for the boys and decided I’d really like to keep it to 1-2 things this year and try to give them “experiences” rather than stuff. But I haven’t duct tied Jon down to discuss everything yet.  I’ve done pretty good about not freaking out because THREE WEEKS AND GIFTS AREN’T FIGURED OUT. I said pretty good – I’m not perfect. My decorations are out but not completely up. The boys and I are decorating the tree tonight and I’m sure I’ll finish up this weekend.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but…(deep breath)…now we just need snow.
  • Another entry in the canons of “how Rhoni is spoiled” – Jon told me the other night he was thinking about me getting a gym membership near the school.  He recognizes the direct connection between my sanity & working out and he is also painfully aware of my extreme, debilitating dislike of temperature under 55 degrees Fahrenheit (painfully because he listens to be whine about it starting sometime mid November and ending sometime mid April…if he’s lucky).  So today I visited a gym that is in the process of renovating and has everything I want/need. And I signed on the dotted line. And now I’m giddy. I really REALLY liked it there. It’s not overbearing or intimidating like some of the big chains but it’s not just bare bones. There’s a full range of machines & free weights & cardio equipment. There are group classes – including a spin class that actually fits my schedule! There’s a martial arts/mma/fighting facility in the same building. Those classes are an extra fee but I like the idea of being able to peek in at them and the vibe they add. There are raquetball courts and equipment to borrow. There’s an (outdoor) pool. There’s tanning and they do body comp testing regularly. And a fun fact – the 2012 Olympic wrestling team is working out there.
  • The gym lady and I were chatting today while she was giving me a tour about goals & favorite exercises & such and suddenly I heard myself saying “I want to be able to be an example to others and get my personal trainer certification again.”  It just kinda fell out of my  mouth. But I’ve been really thinking about it since wondering “Where did that come from?” But I would love to do that…to work as a trainer…I don’t know how that would work with schedules or financially or anything but that’s okay. Step One is getting myself to a point where I’m truly practicing what I preach and can be an example. And a key component of that is going to be the gym. I’m going in Monday for a body comp test and will do my first workout in those facilities. Did I mention? Giddy? I love gym atmospheres.  My internal social butterfly is soothed even with headphones on and zoned out in my own world.

There was more I’m sure but look at the time! Time to pick up the boys and decorate the tree!

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