Innocent until told otherwise

Video games are big in our house. If you know “our story” – the story of Jon & I – then that fact shouldn’t come as a surprise. We have several gaming systems hooked up to two televisions. And I have been known on (not so) rare occasions to hand LilBit a controller so I can get some housework finished without tripping over him. Now he’s six so there are several games at which he doesn’t exactly excel. The problem with this is that he really does NOT like to lose. Granted, no one does. But we don’t make his older brothers pander to him and it usually ends with him yelling in frustration. (Though to their credit, they cut him slack quite often.) However, I have to say that today he took things to an entire new level. He always talks to the games/screen/whatever so I wasn’t paying any attention to his chatter and frequent frustrated outbursts. Until I heard him yell angrily “RHONI!!!!!!!  YOUR MII JUST BLOCKED ME AND MADE ME LOSE THE RACE!!!!”

We have now degenerated to the point that *I* get in trouble for things my likeness does while I’m clear across the house.

It might be time to cut back on the video games a bit.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm ….. we have that same problem here. Brian created a ton of family members for the Wii so when he’s playing baseball, he’s playing either on the same team as people or against them. We’ve heard on numerous occasions that someone messed up his game. LOL. I’ve also noticed that boxing and swordfighting bring out the worst in him. Yikes.

  2. hey rhoni–
    found this blog of yours thru twitter =)

    can you watch dvd’s thru your wii? i’ve heard of people doing that with the ps3 but didn’t know if all gaming systems have that capability.

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