100 Words – Fortune

I’m rather hit or miss on whether or not I participate in Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. I always enjoy reading the other entries though. Here’s my attempt this week.


It’s the same everywhere. It’s been the same for years. Girls skitter past the curtain, preceded by shrill giggles. Boys push each other through with punches and jeers and dares. Young couples slip in quietly, hands clasped tightly. They’re all the same. They claim entertainment but the truth glimmers in their eyes. They’re all looking for comfort. They want to be told of eternal happiness and fulfilled dreams. She sighs and adjusts her shawl in the smoky dimness. She’ll squint and peer and lie one more time before returning to her small dusty trailer. This is, after all, her fortune.


  1. I love this! It so captures the whole “get your fortune told” mystique. On the other hand, I once went to a party where there was a fortune teller. She told me that a man whose name started with “R” would take me to California (about as likely as pigs flying). A few years later, one did!

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