Back to normal

About six years ago one of my back teeth abscessed. The left side of my face swelled up to about twice it’s normal chipmunk cheek size. I stubbornly spent a week alternating between extreme and moderate throbbing pain before I decided it wasn’t going away on its own and mass quantities of ibuprofen wasn’t going to magically start helping. I reluctantly went to the dentist, was prescribed antibiotics and….never went back.

Until this year. With a little, ahem, urging (see above: stubborn) from my husband, I scheduled an appointment to have the remains of that tooth taken care of once and for all. Last Saturday was the big day and I was surprised by how (relatively) painless it all was. Then Monday I noticed the top of my mouth felt a little swollen – just the left side – and it was more painful. I shrugged it off. But Tuesday I woke up with the swelling, throbbing and … blisters? On the roof of my mouth? So I went BACK. Seems somehow an infection had settled into the roof of my mouth. Two doctors examined me. Both said “Hm. I’ve never seen THAT before.”


After my first two doses of antibiotics I already felt….WORSE. Significantly worse in fact. But within 24 hours symptoms were clearing up. I still felt run down so I took last week pretty easy. Jon and I had arranged for all 3boys to be gone this weekend and had tickets to a marriage conference in town. I was determined NOT to feel icky.

It worked. The weekend was wonderful and I feel completely back to normal…maybe even a bit better. I was out of bed at 6:30 this morning (Okay it was closer to 6:45 but hey, that’s an improvement from 8-9!) and got in a quick but intense treadmill session. This afternoon is legs/shoulders. After a low key week and a lazy (but wonderful) weekend, it’s nice to move again. Now I’m off to be productive!


  1. so glad you’re feeling better. joe had an absessed tooth a few years ago and we didn’t even know it til we saw the swelling. poor boy!

    am i going to see you wed at the red letter cafe? i’m so lookign forward to my time there.

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