A memorable weekend

Several weeks ago Jon had found we could get tickets to FamilyLife’s marriage conference (A Weekend to Remember) for half price and we promptly registered. I’d been looking forward to this past weekend ever since. Friday night we packed the boys off to various households before a quick dinner and the first session. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the conference. We get along great and communicate well. But I figured a weekend without the kids and focusing on each other would be good.

Communication styles were discussed Friday night.  As soon as Jon & I flipped to that section in the book we started laughing and elbowing each other. I think we giggled through the entire session.  See, we already KNEW we communicate in completely opposite styles. And, for the most part, we deal pretty well with that. But hearing someone describe us SO perfectly was amusing. Saturday were a few other sessions – most of which didn’t make a huge impression on me. Don’t get me wrong. The information was great. I have the book squirreled away for future reference but it was primarily educational. It was good to look at what threats marriages face to (1) guard against them and (2) have an idea how to handle them if they do come up. The one thing that did hit me hard was caution against having an “extramarital affair with activities/hobbies”.  I am guilty of keeping a full schedule and have to evaluate regularly whether things are getting unbalanced.  I don’t take on activities to escape the relationship – I take them on because it’s stuff I really enjoy. I know Jon will speak up if he feels the family is being neglected in the least bit but it’s still something of which I am (and need to stay) aware.

Saturday night was the highlight. It was noted in the conference schedule as “date night” and Jon had great fun planning the evening to surprise me. We started at an authentic French restaurant – Le Coq Rouge. We had tried to stop there once but it’s tiny so they require reservations. It was amazing – the atmosphere was fabulous – and I left just a little bit in love with the place. We came home to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie (“Fireproof”). The night was the perfect ending to a already wonderful weekend.

Sunday morning dawned much too quickly and I was not ready to go pick up TheBoy. I knew if I walked out the door the “us” time of the weekend would officially be over. But eventually I did. And while it’s always nice to have the whole family together, I really appreciated the time to just be husband and wife.

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