Menu Planning Monday

I’ll admit it. I LOVE to look at other people’s menu plans and what they eat on a regular basis. And you guys I know I’m an organizational freak. My house doesn’t always SHOW it but I’m much more relaxed when everything is in it’s place and easily found. So when I ran across Laura’s little corner of the web, I got absolutely giggly. This is the first time I’ve participated. Or even commented. But I do love her site.

Right now I only plan dinners for Monday – Friday. I need to start planning for the weekends as well. But anyway! This week’s menu in our house:

Monday – homemade pizza (This is a weekly tradition. The boys LOVE it)

Tuesday – enchiladas w/spanish rice

Wednesday – slow cooked BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

Thursday – spaghetti & meatballs (meatballs from scratch; spaghetti, not so much)

Friday – vegetable beef stew (my “throw it together” recipe)


  1. i’ve seen her menu planning mondays now for months, but have never participated. and i think there are others that do a similiar menu planning meme.

    like you, i like to see what others are making. please share recipes???!!! i’d love to know how to make slow cooked pulled pork. and what kind of enchiladas you make. i feel like i’m in a cooking slump as of late.

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