Aww and squee

I can’t believe it’s Thursday…almost Friday. This week has FLOWN past. On Monday TheKid left for an out of town field trip with his class. They went up to an outdoor science school about 3 hours from here. Even with the other two still here, the house was so QUIET. He’s definitely our loud one but he also entertains the younger ones.  LilBit was sitting at the table today watching me make lunch when suddenly he sighed heavily and said “I miss TheKid.”   I melted.

He came home today and seemed to really enjoy it. He was exhausted though. And STINKY. I told him he smelled like rotten onions and spent most of the drive home with my head halfway out the window. Boys!

Change of topic!

About two weeks Jon walked into the kitchen and started a conversation by saying “I’ve been debating about whether or not I should tell you this…”

My heart jumped into my throat. My stomach knotted and dropped somewhere around my knees. My hands started sweating. And I squeaked “what?”

THEN he assured me it was good news but continued to taunt me with “Oh I don’t know. Maybe it should be a surprise…”

I really hate suspense.

After he had his fun he relented. Apparently he and my dad had been conspiring on Facebook. (My father is on Facebook. This still amazes and frightens me. He only learned how to operate a cell phone like a year ago!) The end result is we’re taking ALL THREE boys and flying down to Arkansas to visit my family this summer.

Annnnnd….cue the squeeing. And tears.

My parents and sisters were here last year for our wedding but it will have been almost exactly two years since I’ve seen my nieces & nephew or stepped foot in my home state and then I was only there for approximately 24 hours. It’s been three years since I’ve seen my friends down there. And we’re going to be there an entire week!

Jon booked the tickets Saturday. To tell the boys, he gave each of them a copy of the flight itinerary and told them to figure out their surprise. LilBit is 6 and just learning to read. Of course he had NO idea. Honestly I don’t think he really grasps what’s going to happen. He hates elevators & has never been on a plane…I figure he’ll either love it or flip the freak out. Oh well…that’s why they make sedatives, right? (just kidding. kinda. maybe.) TheBoy has never flown & never seen a flight itinerary so he was a little confused. TheKid however…he glanced at it and said “We’re going to Texas?” (We’re flying into DFW)  But as soon as I said “What’s next to Texas?” he started squealing and jumping around the room. TheBoy is a little more reserved but he’s VERY excited to (1) finally leave the state of ID and (2) fly.  And while I know my dear dear husband will enjoy seeing my family (they honestly get along!), this is a huge sacrifice he’s making for me & TheKid. We’re spending alot of money of plane tickets alone…money he worked hard for and could be spending elsewhere. Also…he’s going to Arkansas. In the summer. When it’s hot & humid. And Desert Boy HATES the humidity. Actually “hates” might be too mild of a description. (My skin, on the other hand, is going to be so very happy.) It’s just another way he spoils me…and it makes the trip that much more special.


  1. love the way you wrote it all out. and yes, it is a sacrifice, but that’s what married folk do. we sacrifice for our loved one what we would prefer so that our spouse can have something that is so, so meaningful. and i know you will get your chance to do the same for him, if it hasn’t already come up.

    big hug!

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