Soak up the sun

The sun is shining; the sky is that clear gorgeous blue that is so unique to spring. The air is a sweet 60 degrees. I drove with the windows down and my arm lying on the door, soaking up as much as possible. I sat outside to read. My face & upper chest & left arm are a slight shade of pink. I’m noticing more freckles. And it occurred to me – I feel completely alive again.

I didn’t REALIZE that I felt anything less. I never do until one spring day hits me full force and something loosens. I feel it. There’s almost a snapping sensation and then a settling, as if I’m shaking off the remnants of a bad dream and waking into paradise.  I can honestly say I wasn’t miserable this winter. Or even the winter before. It’s so MILD here compared to Indy and I’ve come into my own in a sense. But still – a part of me still goes into hibernation.  It’s only the middle of March. So there’s a rational voice in the back of mind warning me that it might be too early to wake up yet. But like the tulips in my backyard, I’m not listening. We may both get a shock of frost but for now, we’re soaking up the sun.

The hiring seminar was legit. It was good even. But I got the call today that I wasn’t chosen for a second interview. I wouldn’t have minded working there but at the same time, I wasn’t disappointed. Or surprised. I kinda figured I didn’t fit the image they were looking for and if I don’t find something until more towards the end of the summer, well, that won’t hurt my feelings at all. On the other hand, I have another interview tomorrow afternoon. And I have a feeling that I have a much better shot at this one. And that feeling raises mixed emotions. What happens, happens. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the freedom to bask in the sun.

P.S. –  I’m talking St. Patty’s Day over at CKY

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