Menu Planning Monday 04/05/2010

Wow – I can’t believe another week has passed already. The boys were out of school Friday and today AND my husband was/is off work. I know they’ve enjoyed it but if it wasn’t for my planner I’d have no idea what day we’re on!

Monday – lunch: leftovers; dinner: pancakes, sausage, eggs (I’ve always called it brupper – breakfast for supper – but everyone around here calls it brinner – breakfast for dinner. And that just sounds weird.)

Tuesday – chili…I can’t believe it’s still cold-ish & wet-ish around here.

Wednesday – roasted chicken breasts, potatoes, corn

Thursday – enchiladas (or enchilada casserole depending on how lazy I feel)

Friday – soup & sandwiches (tentatively)

The younger two boys will leave Friday after school for their mother’s so as usual, I’m a little more lax when they’re not around.

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  1. this weather is NOT NORMAL! don’t be fooled =) your menu looks yummy. are we still going to work on a diet menu for me??? pretty please!!!! i think i gained about 5lbs in the last week –yikes!

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