I did it!

Well. It’s officially summer. We’re moved, we spent a week visiting with family and I finally feel like I can start getting into a routine again. One huge issue is that in all the chaos and busy-ness, I let myself slip — actually I happily dove headfirst — back into the Dr. Pepper habit. And what’s worse, I pulled my poor husband down with me. He’s been drinking Pepsi again so I feel double bad. I’m ready to start weaning myself off of it though. I went all day without one…not without caffeine (or even sugar)…but without a Dr. Pepper. And not surprisingly I feel SO good.  In a day or so my eyes might start glowing red and my head spinning around and I’ll get a SMALL one. But I’m going to try to reduce the symptoms with green tea.

Of course it also helps that I also worked out for the first time in a month. Twice. And “real” workouts too, not the excuse of lifting boxes. This morning I got on the treadmill for 20 minutes for some mid-intensity intervals. TheKid and I played tennis for about half an hour this afternoon but I don’t count that in my workouts. It was fun though. And since neither of us have ANY control, we spend most of our time chasing balls. But. The real accomplishment today – I went to, and survived, a (hr long) spin class for the first time in about 2.5 years. I pulled out my “diaper shorts”, grabbed a towel & water bottle and decided to see how much I could do. The odd thing is it actually seemed EASIER than I remember. Maybe because classes at this gym are alot less intimidating? But I could actually STAND and do jumps. I couldn’t do that at *all* before. Now I didn’t do all of the higher intensity stuff. In fact I did less than half. A few times I started seeing bright flashes of light in my peripheral vision and decided that’s probably a pretty good sign to sit my soon-to-be sore bottom back down. But I was happy with what I did and am looking forward to next week.

Wait? Did I really just say that?


  1. Glad to hear the move went well! We’re only human and we all slip, but the best part is how you feel when you get back on the band wagon. It sounds like you’re having fun with it, too.

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