They Call It The Blues…

It shouldn’t surprise me by now. But it does. Every year.



I know I know. It’s only October. It’s not winter. It’s not even cold. Not really. I’m in jeans & a sweatshirt and am comfortable but well, it’s me.

But still. It’s been cloudy most of the week. And I’ve been just…blah. Friday I tweeted:

“I have SO MUCH to be grateful for…WHY is my mood so blah? Id blame the clouds but I refuse to let the weather dictate my mood this winter.”

Today I woke up to overcast and struggled all day with motivation. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to think. I wasn’t grumpy but I could’ve easily slept most of the day. This afternoon the sun came out just as we were getting home from hubby’s Grandma’s and suddenly I was putting away laundry & feeling silly and prepping for next week. Suddenly I was…fine.

So while I’m TRYING not to let the weather dictate my mood, as of this point I’m failing. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I moved to Indianapolis. My first taste of a REAL winter kicked my tail. Hard. I spent many hours curled up in the floor crying. And while it’s never been that bad since…and I KNOW it won’t even come CLOSE to that…I don’t want to spend the winter fighting the blah’s. So my gameplan (right now) is to blog more…because I always deal with stuff better when I’m writing…but to never let an entry be purely whining. There’s alot to be grateful for in my life and I’m determined to focus on that. Even when it’s below freezing and gray outside.

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  1. We have a light bar across the top of our triple mirror medicine cabinet in our bathroom. In the morning, on cold winter days, I stand in the bathroom, close my eyes, and bathe myself in the strong light of the bathroom lightbar. Not only that, it gets hot and it warms my face. And that’s nice.

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