Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

I planned to go to yoga tomorrow morning but as I sit here with tissue shoved up my nose, gasping like a fish drowning in oxygen, it occurs to me that I *might* have had better ideas in my day.

I don’t feel BAD. Except for the whole not breathing properly issue. Other than that I mean. I feel okay. A little tired maybe. But I knew yesterday my body was fighting something. Allergies? Bug? Who knows. But I don’ t crave orange juice unless I’m trying not to get sick. Or am pregnant. Which I most definitely am NOT. I also lifted weights yesterday and noted on more than one set that I wasn’t lifting as heavy as normal. My original thought, in fact, was “I’m not 100%”

Really…how stupid is that phrase? “I’m not 100%.”  Maybe I’m not GIVING 100%.  Goodness knows I’ve been guilty of that my fair share of times. But I felt the workout by yesterday afternoon. I was significantly sore this morning. I hit my LIMIT on a couple of muscle groups yesterday.

Then it hit me. My 100% today might not be the same as yesterday. Or tomorrow. Or a week ago. My 100% depends on a variety of factors and circumstances.

I can hear you shaking your head over there. I hear the sighs. The mumbled “Well we’ve got a bloody brilliant one here don’t we?”  Or perhaps that’s just the resident voice in my head. It does have a distinctly British accent. This is not a ground breaking epiphany. I know that. But sometimes we need to be reminded. *I* need to be reminded. I tend to live with an all or nothing mindset. I just need to remember sometimes I don’t have as much “all” to give as others.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my pillow and a box of tissues.

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