100 Word Challenge – Unbidden

The 100 word  challenge is hosted by the fascinating Velvet Verbosity. You must go to her site and read where she chose this week’s prompt (Unbidden)  I confess to envy. While you’re there, you should join in!

The epidemic strikes quickly and strikes often. Its origins are unknown. It strikes indiscriminately, incapacitating the mental functions victims. Initial targets are random. No race, sex or age is immune. It wraps insistently around synapses. The beat echoes through the victim’s nerve endings until his fingers tap. The melody whispers down his spine until his vocal cords hum. The lyrics dance behind his eyes until his tongue gives shape to them. Unconsciously he infects the inhabitant of the next cubicle. Like a true virus it spreads quickly, airborne on sound waves. Soon the office will vibrate with the unbidden song.


  1. “Catchy tune!” 😉

    I love my old books. I love opening them to any page and reading the language, obviously english, but so much more beautiful than most modern writing that it seems as if it’s another language.

    I confess, I rarely read them cover to cover as most contain archaic ideas that are not just unfashionable, but sometimes just plain wrong. It depends on the book of course.

  2. EAR WORM!!!! 🙂 Great capture on what happens in my (and, likely most) office(s) when someone starts singing or whistling a tune. Just, please (PLEASE) don’t make it Lady GaGa . . . it takes me DAYS to get it outta my skull. 🙂

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