Thankfulness Day 1

It’s November, the month of eating too much, getting up too early to spend too much money and oh yeah…giving thanks. Thanksgiving. The true “meaning” has been mostly lost among the anticipation of pies, turkey and sales.

In a small effort to regain that spirit of thankfulness I plan to will post something for which I am grateful every day until December 1st. I imagine this will be more difficult some days than others. However, it should be a great exercise. I encourage you to join me on your own blog. Just let me know if you do so I can visit! The entries don’t need to be long or elaborate or even stand alone. The point is to recognize the richness and blessings of life.

Today I acknowledge my husband. As cliche’ as it might be, I think it’s also appropriate to start with him. His presence in my life adds a vibrant dimension to my world that brightens all areas. His strengths  bolster my deficiencies. He makes me laugh as often as he makes me think. We have conversations ranging from the mundane to the theological realm. He is loving and loyal. He is a leader and a friend. He is a caretaker and a teacher. He is responsible and playful. He is an amazing man and I’m thankful for the privilege to be married to him.

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